Gating is a feature of our intensifiers. It is a way of opening and closing the “gate” controlling the flow of electrons from the photocathode to the Micro Channel Plate of the image intensifier, similar to using a shutter in an optical system. Learn more about gating in VSI products in this White Paper.

Image Intensifier Assemblies, also known as Lens-coupled Image Intensifiers or Image Intensifier Lenses, attach to an existing camera similar to a lens to make an instant intensified camera for applications with low-light conditions.

VSI has a long history of developing image intensifier solutions. The use of image intensifiers in low light level imaging applications predates CCD and CMOS cameras. Since image intensifiers were developed for night vision, using them to image in the dark was a natural application. As with all optical components, integrating an image intensifier into the imaging chain alters the design parameters of the entire system.

Image intensifiers are often used for low-light conditions but also can enable video-rate or even single shot cameras to image fast events. The intensifier’s gate is used to shorten the shutter and can be set to nanoseconds, so even objects like moving bullets can be imaged without motion blur.

Alternately, an intensifier can be gated on multiple times within a single camera frame. The result is multiple exposures on a single camera frame. The fast burst of gate pulses reduces the effective inter-frame time. When the object travels across the frame, the resulting image can be used to measure trajectory and velocity.

For more information on the usage of intensifiers with high speed cameras, please download our white paper.

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